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Geng Shuen company factory front

Company Profile

Welcome to Geng-Shuen Co., Ltd (GSM)

GENG-SHUEN CO., LTD (GSM) was founded in 1991 and is an industrial leader in bed-type Milling Machine with box guideway structure.
With over 30 years industrial experience and know-how, GSM is an excellent partner to rely and trust in business cooperation.
GSM is not only to offer a turn-key solution in diversify project application, but also provide completely service in maintenance and after-sales. Meanwhile, we have a smooth and efficient communicated channel to easily understand worldwide client’s demand and take a prompt action.

1991Geng-Shuen Co., Ltd. sat up by Mr. James Chang and began to manufacture a series of mold machines as market request. In this year, GSM officially entered in machine tool industry.
1996Started manufacture CNC Vertical Milling machine and continually launched GSM-800, 1270, 1300, 1520, 1500, 1700 & 2000 to make a complete and innovative machine product.
2003Moved to new plant in Rd 23th Industrial Park, Taichung. (2000m²)
2005Launched new model-GSM-3000 with 6 box guideway design, heavy-duty and stability structure to meet worldwide demand.
2006In order to have a spacious working place for GSM-3000 model, GSM done an extended construction for second plant. (3000m²)
2008Launched new model-GSM-2500 to fulfill market requirement as large worktable and heavy loading as worldwide client's request.
2010Obtained CE certificates form SGS officially authorized institute.
2018Launched new model-GSM-1510 with long Y axis travel distance to cater to current market demand.

Excellent Machining Technology & Heavy-duty design are our strength.

Well industrial experience and know-how in machining technology are the core value to offer advanced performance, stability manufacturing and heavy-duty design in CNC bed type milling machine industry.

Superior Performance

We offer box guideway design, higher table load and maximize cutting capability to fulfill client's project requirement.

Designed & Made In Taiwan

All iron casting be designed and made in TAIWAN as quality assurance.

Fully Support After Sale Service

To offer the advanced technical support after sales service as a strong team in your backend.


CE Norm and D-U-N-S