GSM-2000F CNC Vertical Milling Machine Full-guarding | Efficient CNC Bed Mills for Precision Work | GSM

CNC Vertical Milling Machine Full-guarding | All GSM CNC Bed Type Milling Machines are designed and made in TAIWAN.

CNC Bed Type Full-guarding Milling Machine - GSM-2000F CNC Vertical Milling Machine Full-guarding
  • CNC Bed Type Full-guarding Milling Machine - GSM-2000F CNC Vertical Milling Machine Full-guarding

CNC Bed Type Full-guarding Milling Machine


CNC Vertical Milling Machine Full-guarding

GSM-2000F model is the longer worktable type machine specification in CNC bed type product line from GENG-SHUEN CO., LTD. This model supports to 813 x 2185mm (32" x 86") worktable size and 1800 (kgs) loading capability as production demand. This model caters to medium to large workpiece size in heavy-duty cutting operation.

GSM-2000F model be designed in 4 box guideway structure as strong and durable features and also is constructed with heavy-duty Meehanite cast iron to ensure high rigidly, wear resistance, and no deformation. For heavy-duty cutting, we will generally recommend to have box guideway constructure design to fulfil in powerful spindle torque and stability operation requirement. All casting irons in GSM brand machine be designed and manufactured in TAIWAN.

This model supports to both driving of ball screw, belt type & direct driven, for excellent operation.
Numerous configuration and equipment options provide the ideal solution for any job.

With P2-grade precision bearing is adopted for the main spindle to directly assembled for maximum level of support. Moreover, precise accuracy is for C3 level.

GSM-2000F completely offers the stability & flexibility cutting capability and is a good choice for large workpiece size in this model.

High Rigidity
  • GSM-2000F built in 4 box guideways design for stability heavy duty cutting and robus for a long service life.
  • The base, column, saddle and worktable of CNC bed type box guideway milling machine are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, stress relieved for high stability. All GSM CNC bed type milling machines are designed and made in TAIWAN.
  • The X, Y, and Z axis sideways are hardend, precision ground, which be coasted with Turcited-B for maximum wear resistance. Over 40 industrial experiences in hand scraping technology makes the stability and durability of high-quality production capability in all CNC bed type milling machines of GSM brands.
Highly Precision
  • Spindle: GENG-SHUEN use main spindle which is equipped with a P2 grade precise heavy bearing for sustaining a wide range of radial and axial direction forces.
  • Bearing: The spindle adopts precision NSK bearings, high speed, high precision, and the maximum speed can reach 10,000rpm.
  • Double Nuts Ball Screw: It greatly increases the transmission rigidity and eliminates the effect of thermal deformation during movement, thus ensuring the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool.
High Performance
  • With Ball Bar Testing: CNC bed type milling machines are inspected by ball bar tested to ensure best accuracy & alignment in circular path. With operator protections are provided including complete enclosures which allow a perfect chip disposal and can be the noise damper.
  • With Laser Calibration: All of GSM CNC milling machines are measured & calibrated using laser calibration equipment to ensure precise verification & compensation of the machines and get the best accuracy & repeatability.
Standard Accessories
  • Controller of 5 brands FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, FARGOR AND SYNTEC for selectable.
  • 3-axis telescopic cover.
  • LED work lamp.
  • Auto lubrication system.
  • Coolant system (pump).
  • Tool box.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Spindle oil cooler.
  • Semi-guarding.
  • Full-guarding (W/O Roof Cover): (1) W / screw type chip conveyor & trolley. (2) W / water & air gun.
Optional Accessories
  • Power Transformer (380V / 50HZ / 3PH).
  • Armless type ATC-20T.
  • Arm type ATC-24T.
  • Pull stud.
  • Coolant Thru spindle.
  • Two-way gear box.
  • Renishaw TS-27R tool settler.
  • Renishaw OMP-60 touch probe.
  • Oil separator.
  • Simple type CTS 20 ~ 40bar.
  • CTS 20 ~ 40bar + paper filter.
  • 4 axis rotary table.
  • Added roof cover and 2 pcs of fluorescent lamps.
  • Upgraded from screw type to belt type chip conveyor with trolley.
  • CE Norm.
Machine Specification
Box Guideways4
Worktablemm/inch813 x 2185 / 32" x 86"
T-slotmm18 x 5 x 100
Table Load Capacitykgs1800
X Axis Travelmm2000
Y Axis Travelmm850
Z Axis Travelmm710
3 Axis DriveBelt Type
Spindle Head
Spindle TaperBT-40 (CAT-40)
Spindle Speedrpm8000 / Op: (10000)
Feed Ratem/min0-5
Ball Screw Diameterm/minØ 40
Rapid Travelm/min0-10 (0-20)
Spindle MotorHP15 (20)
Tool Storage Capacity(20; 24)
N.W.kgs6900 / 1000 / 800
G.W.kgs7300 / 1100 / 1000
Packing Measurementcm345 x 228 x 254
250 x 228 x 200
250 x 228 x 200

CNC Bed Type Full-guarding Milling Machine | Efficient CNC Bed Mills for Precision Work | GSM

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